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The Six Essential Cues

You Will Learn How To Teach Your Dog The Following:

  • To turn his head toward you when you say his name. No more ignoring you!

  • To target a mat or dog bed on cue. The perfect first step for setting up more advanced station training behaviors.

  • To sit on cue. Sitting is the opposite of jumping. Especially when greeting guests.

  • To come when called. A life saving skill.

  • To happily relinquish any item to you on cue. No more forcing items away or chasing down your dog to get back illegal items.

  • To search for items on the ground. A skill with multiple uses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Six Essential Training Cues Every Dog Should Know and Perform When Asked

  • 2

    Getting Ready To Learn

    • Training For Success

  • 4

    Mat Targeting

    • Target To Mat: Step-By-Step

    • Target Training Made Simple

    • Extend That Target Into A Crate

  • 5

    Sit Happens All The Time

    • Sit: Step-by-step

    • Lure Training A Sit

    • Advance That Sit

  • 6

    Come When Called

    • Come When Called: Step-By-Step

    • Here I Come!

    • Expand That Come When Called!

  • 7

    Trading Done Right Is A Win, Win!

    • Trade You: Step By Step

    • Who Wouldn't Gamble Those Odds In Vegas ?

    • 10-Year Old Jilly Learning To Trade

  • 8

    Go Find

    • A Simple Behavior With Multiple Applications

    • Go Find Advanced

  • 9

    Feedback and Thanks!

    • Your Feedback Is Appreciated

    • Thank You!